Ideal for boats up to 19.5′ not including direct drive


• Fully lowered, the rails sit only 12 inches above ground.
• Mainly constructed from .188 steel tubing for superior strength
• Dynaline automatic-brake hand winch with 9.8-1 gear ratio
• Galvanized aircraft cable
• Steel boat rails wrapped with industrial strength ribbed hose for full protection of boat and maintenance free rails
• One stationary pulley and two moving pulleys quadruples the winch capacity making even the heavier boats lift with ease
• Has a locking rod that locks the lift in the full up position and holds the weight of the boat instead of the cable


All lifts are sold as clean bare steel.  Painting, galvanizing, powder coating, rock guarding or other coatings are not included.


  • Heavy duty manual winch upgrade +$30.00
  • Electric winch option starting at +$595.00 (includes 12 volt winch, locking battery box, 7 watt solar panel with overcharge protection, battery not included)
  • Adjustable boat rails +$90.00
  • Heavy duty 5/16″ galvanized cable upgrade +$40.00
  • Fully adjustable bolt-on side guides +$295.00/pair
  • Heavy duty bolt-on wheel kits +$495.00/pair
  • Adjustable (up to 24″) front or rear pads +$295.00/pair

*** there will be a 10% discount on the guides, wheel kits and adjustable pads if all are purchased together***